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CANDY Washer Dryer NTC Thermistor CDB754 / CSW496DBB / GCSW485T / GVSW496D / GVW496T GENUINE

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CANDY Washer Dryer NTC Thermistor

Suitable for the following models:
CANDY Branded
CBW CBWD8514D-80, CBWD8514DC-80, CBWD8514SC-80, CBWD8514TWH-80,

CDB CDB264-80, CDB264N-80, CDB754D-80, CDB754D/1-80, CDB754DN/1-80, CDB854D-80, CDB854DN-80,

CSW CSW485D-80, CSW496DBB-80,

EVO EVOW41074D-80, EVOW4753D-80, EVOW4853D-80, EVOW6853D-80, EVOW6853DB-80,

GCS GCSW485T-80, GCSW485T/1-80, GCSW496T-80, GCSW496T/1-80, GCSW496TBB-80,

GO4 GO4W464-80,

GOW GOW464-80, GOW475-80, GOW485-80, GOW485S-80,


GVS GVSW485DC-80, GVSW485DC/1-80, GVSW485DC5-80, GVSW485DCB-80, GVSW485DCB/1-80, GVSW485DCR-80, GVSW485TBB/1-80, GVSW496D-80, GVSW496D/1-80, GVSW496DBB-80, GVSW496DBB/1-80, GVSW496DC-80, GVSW496DC/1-80, GVSW496DCAB-80, GVSW496DCAB/1-80, GVSW496DCR-80,

GVW GVW1585TC3B-80, GVW1585TC3B/1-80, GVW1585TC3W-80, GVW1585TC3W/1-80, GVW45385TC-80, GVW485DC/1-80, GVW496T-80, GVW496T/1-80, GVW496TB/1-80, GVW596LWC-80.

This is a Genuine product from Candy.

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