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CANDY Washing Machine Door Gasket (Seal) CBWM815D / CVS1482D3 / GV158T3 / GVS168D3 GENUINE

CANDY Washing Machine Door Gasket (Seal) CBWM815D / CVS1482D3 / GV158T3 / GVS168D3 GENUINE

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CANDY Washing Machine Door Gasket (Seal) Softer Rubber.

Suitable for the following models:
CANDY Branded
CBW CBWM814DC-80, CBWM816D-80, CBWM816S-80, CBWM815D-80, CBWM914D-80, CBWM914S-80, CBWM916D-80,

CS CS148D3-80, CS148D3/1-80, CS1482D3-80, CS1482D3/1-80, CS1482D3B-80, CS1482D3B/1-80, CS1682D3B/1-80, CS492D3W-80, CS492D3W/1-80, CSO16105D3/1-80, CSV1482D3/1UK,

CVS CVS1482D3-80, CVS1482D3/1-80, CVS1482D3B-80, CVS1482D3B/1-80, CVS1492D3/1-80, CVS1492D3B/1-80,

GC GC1682D2/1-80,

GV GV138D3/1-80, GV138D3B/1-80, GV148D3B/1-80, GV148D3S/1-80, GV148D3W/1-80, GV149T3W/1-80, GV158T3B-80, GV158T3B/1-80, GV158T3S-80, GV158T3S/1-80, GV158T3W/1-80, GV168T3B/1-80, GV168T3S/1-80, GV168T3W/1-80,

GVS GVS1410DC3/1-80, GVS1410DC3B/1-80, GVS148D3-80, GVS148D3/1-80, GVS148DC3-80, GVS148DC3/1-80, GVS148DC3B-80, GVS148DC3B/1-80, GVS149D3-80, GVS149D3/1-80, GVS149DC3-80, GVS149DC3/1-80, GVS149DC3B/80, GVS149DC3B/1-80, GVS149DC3B/5-80, GVS1610TH/1-80, GVS1610THC3/1-80, GVS1610THCB/1-80, GVS168D3-80, GVS168D3/1-80, GVS168DC3-80, GVS168DC3/1-80, GVS168DC3B/1-80, GVS169DC3-80, GVS169DC3/1-80, GVS169DC3B-80, GVS169DC3B/1-80, GVSC1410T3/1-80, GVSC1410TB3B-80, GVSC168TB3B-80, GVSC169T3/1-80, GVSC169TB3B-80.

This is a Genuine product from Candy.

Previous Part Number: HVR41037248.
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