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HOOVER Washing Machine Drying Heater VHW854D / WDXOA485 / WDXOC686C / WDYN855D GENUINE

HOOVER Washing Machine Drying Heater VHW854D / WDXOA485 / WDXOC686C / WDYN855D GENUINE

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HOOVER Washer Dryer Heater Element (Drying)

Suitable for the following models:
HOOVER Branded
AWD AWDPD4138LH/1-80, AWDPD4138LHR/1-80,

HBW HBWD7514DA-80. HBWD8514D-80, HBWD8514DA-80, HBWD8514DC-80, HBWD8514TAHC-80, HBWDO8514TAHC-80,

HDB HDB642-80, HDB642N-80, HDB854D-80, HDB854D/1-80, HDB854DN/1-80,

HLW HLW585DC-80,

VHW VHW458A-80, VHW854D-80, VHW854DB-80, VHW856D-80, VHW964D-80, VHW966DP-80,

WD WD9616C-80,

WDW WDWFT4138AH-80, WDWFT6106AHB-80,

WDX WDXA4851-80, WDXA4851/1-80, WDXA496A2-80, WDXA496A20/1-80, WDXAC6852B-80, WDXAC6852B/1-80, WDXC4751-80, WDXC4751/1-80, WDXC4851-80, WDXC4851/1-80, WDXC485C1B-80, WDXC485C1B/1-80, WDXC5106B/1-80, WDXC5851-80, WDXC5851/1-80, WDXCC4851-80, WDXCC4851/1-80, WDXCC4851B-80, WDXCC4851B/1-80, WDXCC5962/1-80, WDXCC5962-80, WDXCC5962B-80, WDXCC5962B/1-80, WDXCE4852-80, WDXCE4852/1-80, WDXCE51062-80, WDXCE51062/1-80, WDXOA4106-80, WDXOA4106B-80, WDXOA4106HC-80, WDXOA4106HCB-80, WDXOA485ACB-80, WDXOA485C-80, WDXOA485CB-80, WDXOA486AC-80, WDXOA496AHFN-80, WDXOA496AHFNB-80, WDXOA496C-80, WDXOA496CB-80, WDXOA596FN-80, WDXOA686C-80, WDXOA686CB-80, WDXOC485CB-80, WDXOC585C-80, WDXOC585CB-80, WDXOC686AC-80, WDXOC686ACB/1-80, WDXOC686C1/1-80, WDXOC686CB/1-80, WDXOC696AKR/1-80, WDXP596A2-80, WDXP596A20/1-80, WDXT4106A2-80, WDXT4106A2/1-80,

WDY WDYN458A-80, WDYN655D-80, WDYN755D-80, WDYN755DB-80, WDYN8154D-80, WDYN854D-80, WDYN854DB-80, WDYN855D-80, WDYN855DB-80, WDYN856DG-80, WDYN856DS-80, WDYN8615D8P-80, WDYN8615D8PB-80, WDYN9646G-80, WDYN9656P-80, WDYN9666PG-80, WDYN10743D-80, WDYN11746PG8-80.

This is a Genuine product from Hoover.
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