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INDESIT Washing Machine Drum Lifter IWDE7125 / XWDA751680 / IWE81281 / SIXL145 / WIXL163 / XWA81252


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INDESIT Washing Machine Drum Paddle (Lifter) 12 Hole Paddle.

Suitable for the following models:
INDESIT Branded Washer Dryers
IWD IWDC6105, IWDC6125, IWDC6125S, IWDC6143, IWDD IWDD6105BECO, IWDD7123, IWDD7123S, IWDD7143, IWDD7143S, IWDE IWDE12, IWDE126, IWDE146, IWDE7125B, IWDE7125S, IWDE7145B, IWDE7145K, IWDE7145S, IWDE7168,

PWD PWDC7142W, PWDC7143W, PWDC8125, PWDC8127W, PWDE8148S, PWDE81680S, PWDE91473S,

W WD10, WD11, WD12, W12S, WD12X, WD14, WDE12, WDE12X, WIDE127, WIDL102, WIDL126, WIDL126S, WIDL126.PMC, WIDL146, WIDXE146S, WIDXE146, WIDXL102, WIDXL126, WIDXL126S, WIDXL146,

XWD XWDA75128XS, XWDA751480XW, XWDA751680XW, XWDE751480XK, XWDE751480XS, XWDE751480XW, XWDE861480XS, XWDE961480XWKKK.

INDESIT Branded Washing Machines
IW IWB71251ECO, IWC6165.C, IWC8123, IWC81481ECO, IWC8148, IWD71251ECO, IWD71251ECO.C, IWD71451ECO, IWE71451BECO, IWE7145B.C, IWE8123, IWE81251SECO, IWE81281ECO, IWE81281KECO, IWE81281K, IWE81281S, IWE81281, IWE81481ECO, IWE81481SECO, IWE81481S, IWE81481, IWE81681ECO, IWE81681, IWE91281ECO, IWE91480, IWE91481ECO, IWME126, IWME127, IWME12, IWME146, IWME147, IWMEB127,

PW PWC7143S, PWC7143W, PWC8128W, PWC8148W, PWC71420W, PWE8148S, PWE8148W, PWE8168S, PWE91272W, PWE91472S, PWE91472W, PWE9168S,


W W143S, W161, WA125, WA135, WA155, WE10, WE11, WE12, WE12S, WE13, WE14, WE14S, WE16, WI141, WIE137S, WIE147, WIE157S, WIE167, WIL123S,WIL133, WIL133.CO, WIL143, WIL143S, WIL153, WIL163, WIL163S, WIXE127.V, WIXE167, WIXL123S, WIXL123S.1, WIXL126.V, WIXL143S, WIXL163S, WIXL163, WIXXE127.C, WIXXE147.1, WIXXE147S, WIXXE167, WIXXE167.C, WIXXE167S, WM12X,,

XW XWA71451W, XWA71452K, XWA81252XK, XWA81252XW, XWA81482XS, XWA81482XW, XWA81682XS, XWA81682XW, XWA91683XW, XWB71252W, XWC61452S, XWC61452W, XWC61651W, XWC71252W, XWD61452W, XWD71252W, XWD71452S, XWD71452W, XWD71452XK, XWE101683W, XWE81482XWKKK, XWE91282XS, XWE91282XW, XWE91483XW, XWE91683XWWWG,

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